About us

Faroe Dive Sp/f

Faroe Dive was founded in the fall of 2002. The Campany´s main goal is to provide diving opportunites to those who are interested in exploring the beautiful waterworld around the  Faroe Islands .

We accomplish this by offering several diving courses to our customers in cooperation with professional Diving  instructors. The recreational courses vary from the exiting  Discover Scuba Diving program through to the Divemaster course. In the professional department the Dive School offers a wide range of Commercial Diving Courses that are recognized by the government.  In this way Faroe Dive has something to offer anyone who has the dream of becoming a recreational or commercial diver.

Faroe Dive also arranges dive-excursions around the islands.

Faroe Dive´s office is located in the city of Klaksvík. This is also where most of our courses take place.  However if requested Faroe Dive can arrange Dive courses/guided tours almost anywhere around the islands.

Diving in the High North Atlantic Ocean

Diving in the High North Atlantic Ocean is spectacular. The Faroe Islands are located on the Geological ridge-structure between the UK and Iceland. 

The waters around the Faroe Islands are a hotspot for marine life and offer awesome oppertunities for visitin divers. The reason is that around the Islands two main ocean currents meet. Warmer currents from the south and cold currents from from the Artic meet and mix around the Islands.. 

Our main goal

Our main goal is to train, guide and service both novice and more seasoned divers visiting the Faroe Islands